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What comes to your mind each time you hear Japa?

When you say JAPA, for an average Nigerian youth, it simply means an exit into something better, or an escape away from something unfavourable. Nigerian youth will often use this word especially when the conversation entails flying out of the country to look for greener pastures. But that is not exactly why you are reading this. 

Before and After JAPA.

It’s good you want to JAPA, but have you taken time to consider where to, and how will you survive effortlessly, after you must have gone to that country of your choice? 

In this post, I highlighted some opportunities you can avail yourself of, while you plan the migration. You need to understand that as much as there are jobs in the country you are migrating to, there are also limitations. Limitations aren’t by career or the skill you possess alone, limitation is also caused by the absence of the right information. What do you intend to do when you get there? how do you intend to survive? what job, career or business do you plan to venture into? All these are questions you should be able to answer before you Japa.

Relevant professional certification to validate your skills in the country you are migrating to can not be overemphasized. 

If you are migrating to America for instance, two career paths that give people high paychecks are Medical and Information Technology. And it is also the same in many other countries that accepts immigrants. 

Why Information Technology? 

IT (Information Technology) has proven to be one of the career paths that has provided unlimited opportunities for a lot of people today, especially cloud computing and cybersecurity. The pandemic has skyrocketed the migration of both operations and facilities of organizations from on-premise to cloud and has resulted in a complementing increase in the need for cybersecurity experts. Any career in these two areas is considered lucrative. 

However, Information Technology is not the only lucrative career, as project managers are also in high demand. 

List of professional certifications and their paychecks annually.

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Project management certifications

Professionals in project management have, and will continue to be in high demand, especially for those who hold the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. The associate-level role in project management is ideal for those with less experience in managing company projects but who still possess a solid understanding of the field, while the PMP certification is designed for professionals with a higher level of experience. So if you are planning to migrate, and you need a professional certification to boost your chances, PMP is a very good option.

Another professional certification that is recommendable is ITIL. ITIL is the acronym for Information Technology Library. ITIL certified professionals are believed to have the required skills and knowledge to facilitate the effective delivery of operations in an IT environment. Having this certification will increase your chances of been gainfully employed both within and outside the country.

Cyber Security Professional Certification

Remember I mentioned Cybersecurity earlier, well, here you go. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V11) is an intermediate-level credential offered by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). It’s a must-have for IT professionals pursuing careers in ethical hacking and it also certifies their competence and validates their relevance.

To obtain a CEH Professional certification, candidates must pass one exam. A comprehensive CEH training course is recommended, with the exam presented at the course’s conclusion. For more information visit

CLOUD Computing

Cloud Computing is another area you should consider if you really want to thrive after leaving the country. AWS CLOUD, MICROSOFT AZURE, GOOGLE CLOUD, are the three main cloud service providers that are very profitable both within and outside the country. if you are considering a career in IT, that will provide enough foundational knowledge for individuals coming from a non-IT background, then I think you should look into cloud computing.

professional certification, however, is one of the ways forward to securing these opportunities. So the next time you think about migrating to other countries like America, Canada, Australia, think professional certification. It doesn’t only make your visa processing easy, it also secures well-paying jobs for you. 

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