Over time, we’ve heard people talk about the need for an accountability partner, and how it has really helped them achieve a lot. So today, we are bringing the gist to you with a question. 


Does Having an Accountability partner work for you? 


An accountability partner is an individual who is willing and ready to hold you accountable for a particular commitment, decision or task. 


Having an accountability partner helps keep you on track with your goals, you always have it at the back of your mind, that directly or indirectly, you have to give an update of how you are progressing or regressing to your accountability partner, and this psychologically keeps you powered up to never relent or relax until that project, task, or success is achieved. It is also a very good tool as far as career development is concerned. If you have an accountability partner in your career journey, it helps you keep the fire of relevance and dedication burning. 


How to choose an Accountability partner.


The individual you want to be accountable to must be a hardworking and dedicated individual too, it must be someone you really respect, someone you wouldn’t want to offend or embarrass. It could be your line manager, your project supervisor, your mentor, your pastor maybe, but make sure its someone who has an idea of the particular thing you want to be accountable for. 


Do you have an accountability partner? 


Has it ever helped you in any way? 


Drop your comment below, you could be encouraging someone.

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