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Everybody needs good food for growth, but not everybody understands that a balanced diet is more important in every meal. Everybody needs a balanced diet to boost their immune system, but not everybody understands what meal provides a balanced diet.

Let’s leave food for the foodies on the timeline this morning and talk about some other growth that is also important. Just as digestion takes place in the body, and the body takes the needed vitamins, calcium, and the likes, your career also undergoes a similar process.

Your career growth and development depends on the content you consume, the training you undergo, the seminars you attend, John became the best project manager, not because he was born that way, and Juliet didn’t just meet all her sales target by mere calls, they went through different phases of training to become the expert they are today.

This brings us to the question of what.

What meal are you consuming?
Is it useful for your body system?

What training are you undergoing?
Is it relevant to your career growth?

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