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Best Way to End the Year

This is probably a closing post on our blog for 2020, get a seat, a cinema popcorn if possible, and ride with us on this 2 mins ride, into one of the best ways to end the year, or should I say the best transition into 2021. Its obvious a lot of people aren’t making plans for 2021 at all, well you all said 2020 was overhyped, hence the energy she brought along. In all fairness, 2020 was really a hectic and crazy year (if that’s allowed) but mind you, a good number of people also got the liberation they needed. Some landed their dream job, some their dream car, the most common opportunity that circulated, was several professional certifications. A good number of professionals became certified in 2020 alone, more certifications were written in my organization in 2020,  more than we have ever had in any year since we started out.

Someone will still stand in one spot and wash down the energy you are gathering for 2021, telling you to just take it as it comes, even covid came, and we didn’t take it as it came, we fought, protected ourselves, prevented ourselves from contacting it, and even those who contacted it sought treatment. No, they didn’t accept it as it came. The exact thing you and I need to do for 2021. Make plans. It necessarily doesn’t mean your 2021 will go as planned, but a roadmap will help you channel your energy and resources in the right way.

As an IT professional or upcoming IT professional, I think some areas you need to look into in 2021, is Cloud and Security. These two areas have, and will continue to stand the test of time, and will forever be relevant.

Here is why.

Covid19 made gathering at Infrastructures and offices impossible, and businesses have to continue, so businesses moved to cloud so that everyone could access it remotely. The successful migration to the cloud by several organizations created a channel of possibilities to even more organizations. Now there is a high increase in the search for Cloud experts in various organizations across the world.

Now that everything has been moved to the cloud, safety and security of services, projects, products, infrastructures is very important and unavoidably required, hence the need for Cybersecurity experts.

The beautiful thing about these Jobs and professional certifications is that they can never lose their relevance, not now, not anytime soon.

So if you are looking at starting a career in IT, or you want to invest in IT, Cybersecurity and Cloud-computing should be on top of your list, but that is not all, we have more.

  1. Data analytics and data science
  2. Networking and wireless
  3. Software development
  4. AI and machine learning
  5. Project management
  6. Programming
  7. IT service management
  8. Virtualization

The earlier you make these plans the better it is to achieve.

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Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.