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Artificial Intelligence and You


We hope you had enough fun last weekend and you were able to ease off some stress.

It’s another beautiful Monday, and we want to talk about you and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is fast changing the narratives of our world today, the earlier you tap into it, the better it is for you.

In recent years, emerging technology has left jaw-dropping realities on our laps and has given us better insights into the unknown. Fast-backwards to when analogue was still the king of innovation, a fast car is no longer acclaiming recognition and attraction as much as a driver-less car.

Tesla autonomous vehicles are the latest innovation that is ushering into the human race, one of the never seen before Artificial Intelligence prowess.

From architecture to health, to infrastructure, to finance, transportation, technology, agriculture and any industry you could ever think of, Artificial Intelligence is gradually taking over the operations in these industries, and this brings us to the question of the relevance of the skills you currently possess in the next five years.

I am a banker now, in the next five years, will my current skill still be relevant?

I am a teacher now, in five years to come, will the subject(s) I currently teach still be relevant?

I am one of the best website designers in town, will a single design template not take over my job in a few years from now?

I currently work in the health sector, am I updating myself with the relevant skills and innovation that can keep me in service years from now?

I am a content developer, can the knowledge, skills and exposure I have now, open doors of opportunities for me globally in years to come?

These and many more are questions we need to ask ourselves as far as AI is concerned. A lot of people see Artificial Intelligence as a competitor, while others see Artificial Intelligence as an instrument of productivity and efficiency, we all have eyes, but we see things differently.

Artificial Intelligence has been made accessible that it only takes a little effort, to upskill yourself with relevant upgrades and skill requirement as far as your line of Job or career is concerned. seek useful information, keep your abreast of upgrades and implement them when necessary. This will help you be on top of your game, increase your productivity, and also preserve your relevance.

What do you see Artificial Intelligence as?

An Instrument of Productivity, or a competitor.

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