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A lot of people have asked several us questions like

Will I get a job immediately after my certification?
How many certifications do I need to write to land my dream job?
Is certification the only requirement to land IT Jobs?
Is certification really important, or am I just helpline vendors to make money?
In our Interactive Wednesday session today, we will be clarifying some of the myths.

Will I get a Job Immediately after my certification?

This question has a yes and no answer, the fact is that you can get a job immediately after your certification, but most jobs require experience. It is not always only about the professional certification, a driver who has recently collected his/her driver’s licence might not be able to drive to longer distance immediately, he might have to start driving to short distance first, until he becomes familiar with using the expressway, regardless of the licence he possesses, he still needs experience. So you can get a job that requires experience (provided you already have before writing your certification exam) and you might also get a job that gives you the opportunity to learn on the job since your professional certification validates your foundational knowledge required. But in the absence of professional certification, you have nothing to validate your skills.

How many certifications do I need to write to land my dream job?

The ball is in your court dear, you are the one who knows your dream job, make a research about the job, find out the job requirements, do you have those requirements? If yes, then give it a shot, if no, then you need to work on getting the requirements. Here is another cheat you should know, a lot of applicants will stop at only getting the requirements, but a wise applicant like you reading this, should work more on having an edge above other people that might be interested in applying for the job, and that means you go an extra length to add more relevant certifications if possible. For instance, an individual who is applying for a job as a project manager in an IT organization needs to have his/her PMP certification, because that is a requirement, but an ITIL V4 certification will give him an edge over other candidates that might be applying for the Job.

Is certification the only requirement for IT jobs?

Dear Julius, Professional Certification has never and will never be the only requirement, certification is just to validate your competence and professionalism as far as that particular job you are applying for is concerned.

Earning an IT certification is an investment of time and money, and also have lots of benefits for your career. Don’t let these myths and misconceptions discourage you from building a fantastic future for yourself careerwise

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