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Launching Tech Careers with AWS

We, the official training partners of Amazon Web Services (AWS) have come together to launch the Go Cloud with AWS program to help Nigerians begin a rewarding career in technology. This article narrates the AWS event “Go Cloud with AWS” and how we can benefit from it by Launching Tech Careers with AWS.

About the program

Makintouch Consulting organized an AWS Cloud Conference in Lagos State, Nigeria, to aid tech careers using AWS. 

It was a free event where attendees were well introduced to the cloud and AWS, building a pipeline of entry-level tech talents. It served as a launchpad for individuals who desire to start careers in cloud computing and created a platform where they networked with potential employers. 

The first 100 attendees were gifted free AWS vouchers, and 50% discount vouchers were awarded to those who indicated an interest in taking the AWS certification examination.

They are currently in progress with the basic foundational course; afterward, they will proceed to more advanced AWS courses. After completion, Makintouch Consulting will support them in launching their tech careers by connecting them with leading technology employers and recruiters.

The results

Go cloud with AWS was a life-changing experience that connected people to rewarding cloud careers. Over 70% of attendees have commenced their journey with AWS. This certification opens the door to endless opportunities to work with global companies like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and many top companies in Nigeria. 

This program nurtured a steady pipeline of top technology talents to fill the digital skill gaps, align with the industry’s needs and strengthen the Nigerian economy.

Step Up Now

Now that you know about AWS cloud computing in Nigeria. 

What is stopping you from taking that next step?

Makintouch Consulting is the only accredited training partner for AWS in Nigeria. Therefore, we are in the best position to answer any questions about AWS training in Lagos, contact us now.

If you would like to learn more about our AWS training program, you can visit our page dedicated to AWS training in Lagos.

AWS training cost is quite a small investment for the benefits you will get from it in the future. Get started now!

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